Friends of Manning's Pit and Pilton Green Man CIO (Charity No 1170742)


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About us

The photo above shows Manning's Pit in the snow a few years ago.  Please note, the total on this page only shows online donations. When offline donations are added in, our total for January 19th is £44,365, and we are also looking for grants and other sources of funding,, so the campaign is progressing well!  Please note when donating that we are already paying Charity Checkout a monthly fee. Go to our News page to read more about upcoming events and all that is happening, as well as regular updates for full total.

Who We Are

We are two groups that have joined together to buy Manning's Pit, a beautiful piece of countryside on the edge of Pilton and Barnstaple in North Devon. 

The Friends of Manning's Pit are a Community Organisation set up to save and protect the Manning's Pit Fields. We have joined with the Green Man CIO to help them purchase the fields for the local community. We are leading the fund raising campaign and our appeals page is  manningspit.com .  You can read more about Manning's Pit and find out why so many people love this special place by going to this part of our website, manningspit.com/main.

The Objectives of the Pilton Green Man CIO, as set out formally in the Constitution are:

‘To promote good citizenship for the public benefit by facilitating the development of a volunteer force to assist the community, in particular, but not exclusively those members of the community who are in need, in such ways as the trustees may from time to time decide. To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit, in particular, but not limited to, the promotion of the arts and advancement of education in the history of Pilton, primarily but not exclusively, for the benefit of the people of the Pilton ward of Barnstaple, Devon and will be achieved through the making of grants or providing other support.’

In simple terms, these objectives are about helping the people of Pilton to do good voluntary things, principally for the benefit of its own community.


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